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Xsport On Paper


Brazil, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mexico,

Peru, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand



The project “Xsport on Paper” stems from a previous research project “Pages of  Latin America: Publishing as Artistic and Political Practice in Brazil, Peru, and Mexico” supported by Arts Travel Project by the National Culture and Arts Foundation in 2018. With the support of the Visual Art Critic Project from the same foundation, Writing FACTory will publish Xsport on Paper: Publishing as Artistic and Political Practice at Present in 2020, a collection of case studies in several countries from Latin America and Southeast Asia on such topic. The book will be constituted into three categories: Samizdat, Manifesto, and Archive. With each keyword shedding light on a way the gesture of writing entangles with politics, this book aims at providing the readers a general understanding of how people in those countries once colonized still fight with socio-economical turbulence from the historical burden. The book will be published in Mandarin and English and released under Creative Common License. In addition to paper books, people can also download the full text online.

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