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The Equipment Show


Six-channel video installation


無論是在大眾傳媒或是行為心理學領域,公眾人物的行動如何與言語發生關聯,經常成為分析一段發言成功或失敗的準則。人類學家Ray Birdwhistell的研究顯示,約60-70%的溝通歸因於非語言行為,當手勢、眼神、速度、動作尺度都成為溝通內容,所有的言說行動在傳達語言內容之外,更重要的是在觀眾面前製造影像。《裝備秀》所有影片內容皆出自YouTube,收集了從歷史人物、政治人物、電影角色到成功學講師等,各種「成功地」透過非語言行為操作權力的範例,並邀請劇場演員針對範例進行動作拆解。






Regardless of the mass media or behavioral psychology, how a public figure’s action connects with his or her words often becomes the criteria for the evaluation of whether a talk is successful or not. Anthropologist Ray Birdwhistell’s research shows that nonverbal communication accounts for approximately 60-70% of human communication; when hand gesture, eye contact, speed, and degree of movement, all become content of communication, in addition to conveying verbal contents, it is more important for all the speech acts to create images in front of audience. All the videos featured in The Equipment Show are from YouTube, as the work collects various examples of “successful” exercising of power through non-verbal behaviors from historical figures, politicians, movie characters, to successology lecturers, and invites theater actors to dissect the examples’ movements.


Director: CHANG Wen-Hsuan

Editing: CHANG Wen-Hsuan

Choreography and Performance: HO Hsiang-Yi

Cinematography: LEE Yi-Cheng, LIN Yong-Yi

Post-Production: Onez Production

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