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International Suicide Award


Archive installation, workshop

Dimension variable




Chang Wen-Hsuan has created a fictional judging room for the International Suicide Award, with the competition prospectus displayed on the wall, proposals and documents from the competition’s participants placed on three office desks that are categorized into the following: 1. Suiciders of spiritual beliefs; 2. Killers of passive suicides; and 3. Life conditions after the collapse of utopian socialism. Belonging to different social settings with different portrayals of life under different epochal backdrops, they are placed in a synchronic and diachronic nested structure of historical construction, referencing the thoughts of necessary “suicides” due to the urgency of society and the necessity of the times, and deployment scenarios for a subjective pattern-of-life.


International Suicide Award examines the value of death and places the intention of “suicide” on the pulse of society to adequately reflect on its historical significance with a dynamic force. With Chang’s expertise on historical figures and game-like format for fictional projects, the notion that fiction is not only an antonym for reality is intentionally highlighted, showing that fiction allows the undisclosed potential of people or objects to alter their trajectories and developmental directions, taking them out of their predestined course of movements, breaking free from the control of a certain preordained rhythm.

Through which, the audience is invited into the judging room to see through the perspective of the jurors, sparking discussions on the prototypes of the competition participants and imaginations on what their lives are like.

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