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“The Structure of Taiwanese Histories”


Single-channel video installation, newspaper

12:05, Dimension variable.


My granduncle is a spirit medium. He told me three stories and a method, 借名 (tsioh- miâ), which means "borrowing name" or "in the name of". In the spirit world, names determine whether one spirit is evil or god, which means class structure also built upon names. The method 借名 (tsioh-miâ) then provides an escape route under this rule. I visited those places appeared in his stories in order to find proofs, proofs to verify that those stories once happened. I went to Nan-Kun-Shen, Da-Pi and Lin-Bian. In the end, finding proofs became a gesture in vain and the operating system indicated by借名 (tsioh-miâ) became closer to fact than the display of proofs. I used this method to explain Taiwanese histories.

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