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Killing la Malinche


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瑪琳切是在墨西哥歷史上直到今天都仍極具爭議性的角色,之所以會如此,是因為她是西班牙殖民者柯提斯的情人兼口譯,因此常常被視 為是「墨西哥的背叛者」——但弔詭的地方在於,在 16 世紀的那個時間點,根本不存在「墨西哥」的概念,甚至瑪琳切所屬部落是阿茲提 克的被支配者,也是被她自己家族犧牲的人。這樣的形象並不陌生,似乎在不同文化語境中都能找到如此的「瑪琳切」形象。在〈謀殺瑪琳切〉中,一個虛構的機構「自殺技術基金會」將來自不同國家、脈絡下的「瑪琳切」們聚集起來開了一場會,在會議中,她們試圖為生 卒年不詳的「元瑪琳切」找到最合適的死法,因為個體的死亡方式(自殺或他殺)及其死亡的時間點都將成為被後世解讀其生命史時的重 要暗示。當「元瑪琳切」能找到好的死法,這些被比喻為瑪琳切的其他人們也能找到更能動的敘事位置。 ​


La Malinche is a very controversial figure in Mexican history. She is often regarded as the betrayer of Mexico because she is the lover and interpreter for the Spanish conquistador, Hernán Cortés-- but there was no such concept as "Mexico" back to the 16th century. In addition, the tribe she belonged to was ruled by Aztec and she was the one be sacrificed by her own family. Such a "Malinche" image can be easily found in different cultural contexts. In "Killing la Malinche", a fabricated institution "Suicide Technique Foundation" gathered those "Malinches" for a meeting trying to find the best way to kill the “meta-Malinche” whose dates are unknown. Since the way and the time point one dies will become a significant hint for the later generations to construct one's life story, those women who are compared to la Malinche could play a more active role once the "meta-Malinche" died in a better way.

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