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The Ventriloquist


Single-channel video installation, documents

Dimension variable










Since becoming a form of performance for entertainment purposes in the late 18th century, ventriloquism has continued to captivate audience until today. The key reason is unity of sound and image. By concealing the lip movements, a ventriloquist makes audience use their eyes to find an alternative source of voice; the image the puppet’s moving lips serves as the new source of voice, and this inevitable visual misunderstanding thus gives “life” to the puppet. Regarding dubbing as a technique like ventriloquism can reveal the relationship between sound and image hidden in the gap of “audible” and “visible” that manipulates the perceptions of audience like the Mechanical Turk.


The Ventriloquist invites two voice actors with over 40 years of experience, Lin Fang-shiue and Li Xiang-sheng, to partake in the filming. In addition to talking about the changes and evolution of dubbing techniques and the industry in their dialogue, the two voice actors also re-dub a number of historical footages. When “characterization” is no longer a theatrical issue, and has become a political problem that involves national leaders and individuals, ventriloquism will no longer be just a special skill, but an everyday action.


Director: CHANG Wen-Hsuan

Editing: CHANG Wen-Hsuan

Voice actor: LI Xiang-Sheng, LIN Fang-Xue

Cinematography: LEE Yi-Cheng, LIN Yong-Yi

Post-Production: Onez Production

Translator: Yvonne Kennedy

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