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Pages of  Latin America:

Publishing as Artistic and Political Practice in Brazil, Peru and Mexico

2018-05 ~ 2018-07

Brazil, Peru, Mexico,


​​2018年五月至七月,我前往巴西、秘魯及墨西哥,深度訪談了 20 位獨立出版者、機構負責 人、書店、私人圖書館、藝術家、策展人、評論人,收集不同實踐者在各自的處境之下,回應社經局勢的方法,以及他們藉由實踐來試圖重塑世界的努力。


Edições Aurora/ São Paulo

Feira Plana/ São Paulo

Tenda de Livros/ São Paulo 

Fabio Zimbres/ Porto Alegre

Paulo Silveira/ Porto Alegre

Automatica/ Rio de Janeiro

Meier Ramirez/ Lima

Romanet Silva Torres/ Lima

Escena Libre/ Lima

Bisagra/ Lima

PPS/ Lima

IAGO/ Oaxaca

Revista NINI/ Oaxaca

Gato Negro/ Mexico City

Aeromoto/ Mexico City

Vernacular / Mexico City

Susana Vargas/ Mexico City

RRD/ Mexico City

Ediciones Hungría/ Mexico City

Esto es un libro/ Mexico City


From May to July in 2018, I traveled to Brazil, Peru, and Mexico. By means of in-depth interviews with 20 people--independent publishers, institution organizers, bookshop owners, private libraries, artists, curators, and critics, I try to collect their writing and publishing methodologies reflecting on the socio-economic situation and their dedication to reshaping the world through practices.


This project is kindly supported by Arts Travel Project by National Culture and Arts Foundation.

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