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New Earth No. 3069

書寫公廠 X Joy Ho X Joanna Ho

Writing FACTory X Joy Ho X Joanna Ho

On the occasion of Art Histories of a Forever War: Modernism between Space and Home

2021-10-16 - 2022-02-20

Taipei Fine Arts Museum

Web-based graphic novel

Dimensions variable







插畫設計|Joy Ho

介面設計|Jo Ho

翻       譯|王怡文

特別感謝|許芳慈、Kathleen Elizabeth Li-Ying Ditzig

New Earth No. 3069 is an online graphic novel created by Writing FACTory (Cheng Wen- Hsuan) from Taiwan, in collaboration with illustrator Joy Ho and new media artist Joanne Ho from Singapore.


As a literary genre, science fiction resembles a collective sentiment torn between hope and fear, inspired by technological warfare and the conquest of the unknown. New Earth No. 3069 inherits this emotional entanglement of the genre and renders the fictional narrative into a historical allegory concerning the postwar cultural milieu in Taiwan. A story about an expedition to establish a colony on New Earth No. 3069 after the Virtual Third World War, the graphic novel imagines a future when the nation state is nothing but a figment of history and the governance of the world’s remaining resources is wholly undertaken by a mega enterprise called The Company. The three protagonists - a human, a homunculus, and a chimera - chosen by The Company to form a squad named Trio Eye and set out on a space colonising mission called the “Mirroring Project”. Their mission is to find a planet without sentient life, and then reform it into "old Earth" through the Mirroring Project. Their goal is to make a New Earth in the likeness of Old Earth. However, they encounter a Random Number Incident on their way to "rewrite" No. 3069...


New Earth No.3069 is a web-based project that is accessible through any internet browser and is a stand-alone graphic novel that resonates with the historical entanglements addressed in the exhibition.

Story by Writing FACTory (TW)

Illustrations by Joy Ho (SG)

Platform design by Jo Ho (SG)

Translation by Yvonne Kennedy

Special thanks to Fan-Tze Hus and Kathleen Elizabeth Li-Ying Ditzig

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